MindMaze on Wall Street daily ! Virtual Reality Therapy Wows Stroke Victims

MINDMAZE ON WALL STREET DAILY!  VIRTUAL REALITY THERAPY WOWS STROKE VICTIMS 12 May 2015 When it comes to virtual reality (VR), one nagging question remains constant… Is it just a cool, niche technology, or is it the next truly disruptive digital platform? MindMaze: Accelerating Recovery Based in Switzerland, the highly promising three-year-old company integrates neuroscience

MindMaze on Bloomberg News! Virtual-Reality Goggles for Stroke Victims

MINDMAZE ON BLOOMBERG NEWS! VIRTUAL-REALITY GOGGLES FOR STROKE VICTIMS 04 May 2015 Source: bloomberg.com - Olga Kharif - 4. may 2015 MindMaze can help patients retain their brain and regain motor functions PHOTOGRAPHER: YANN GROSS FOR BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK A motion-sensing camera projects a patient’s avatar onto its VR goggles or a PC

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