“Kindmore is a Philosophy. A way of thinking based on hope, love, and kindness.

Kindmore seeks to harness the power of the latest technology and innovations to make the world a better place to live and to make people more mindful of each other.

We will use empathy to seek out the best way to use all available resources and direct it to those who need it the most.

We invite you to join our movement.”

Niels Linde Espersen – Founder

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Kindmore Values innovation for a better life

Kindmore was among the very first investors in the unicorn company MINDMAZE, and in ABIONIC,
global leaders in neurology and nanotechnology, respectively.

Kindmore values new technology that enables a better life and aspires to influence investors to look at opportunities in an innovative and compassionate way.

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Portfolio Companies


Based on a disruptive nanotechnology, Abionic is revolutionising the world of in vitro diagnostics with rapid universal point-of-care solution.

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MindMaze is the world’s leading Neurotechnology startup, built on more than a decade of pioneering research at the intersection of virtual reality and neuroscience.

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Theratrak is an Australian Startup that enables therapists to create home applications to monitor and track patient progress.

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Perseus Biomics

Perseus Biomics is a biotechnology company aiming to redefine the analysis of Microbiomes, the complex mixtures of microorganisms interaction with our daily lives. Through a novel analysis approach, we are able to effectively identify the composition and changes of these mixtures over time, uncovering their role in health and disease

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