Kindmore is privately owned venture company founded in early 2015.

Kindmore does direct private equity investments in start-ups at an early stage.

Kindmore is dedicated to providing investment and guidance to visionary, purpose-driven entrepreneurs at the vanguard of innovation, fostering change and making the world a better place.

Kindmore was among the very first investors in the unicorn company MINDMAZE, and in ABIONIC, global leaders in neurology and nanotechnology, respectively.

Kindmore values new technology that enables a better life and aspires to influence the way investors look at opportunities in an innovative and compassionate way.

Kindmore believes strongly in a better world – a world far better than the one we are living in today – and that we all can do much better moving forward, including in how we practice our investments.

For Kindmore, it is all about being a part of building companies that can save lives, give people a better life, change unhealthy patterns, create high-quality education and much more.

Welcome to Kindmore´s world,

Kind Regards,

Niels Linde Espersen

“Kindmore´s next move might be education. It is simply not good enough that in several parts of the world, access to education is only for those who can afford it.
We can fly to the Moon – but we can’t provide education to those who really dream of it.
The best long-term investment we all make for a better world is without doubt in education; there are plenty of amazing perspectives.
A better world depends on how and if we educate the next generations.”

Niels Linde Espersen,  Kindmore founder

“Kindmore is a Philosophy. A way of thinking based on
hope, love, and kindness.”