Revolutionizing Microbiome Analysis

Invisible to the naked eye, microbial life is present all around us. Complex mixtures of microorganisms are found in various location such as soil, surface waters and the human body.

Every day, scientists are revealing new and unique insights on how these mixtures, or microbiomes, influence our daily lives. Present all over the human body and in the human gut, microbiomes impact on health and disease, including gastrointestinal disorders, cancer therapy and our reactions to drugs.

As an important component of plant and animal metabolism, microbiomes have defining functions in agriculture, food and nutrition.

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Kindmore became part of Perseus Biomics from very beginning – a new start up with Zeiss Group, Germany as lead investor. Kindmore has great expectations – and it’s a pleasure being part of an inspiring mission – and a strong team. A mission for the better.

Niels Linde Espersen, Founder, Kindmore

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