Kindmore is about caring and taking responsibility in society.
By investing in startups and ideas that promote the benefits of humanity as a whole, Kindmore is committed to taking responsibility for its role in society.
Today´s world is rapidly evolving, creating challenges for society, including corporate interest, short-term goals, and the profit motive, dictating business decisions almost everywhere.
Capitalism sometimes does not offer Kindness to humanity and its environment. As a venture capital firm, Kindmore is very aware of that
Kindmore is focused on funding investments that are not ignorant or neglect the cost their activity bears on society and our planet.
Kindmore is about giving solutions to modern problems of our society and taking responsibility for its actions.

”If you want to exist as a company moving forward – you will have to go beyond both CSR and Philanthropy…You actually have to make a positive contribution to social change.
The good thing is – that dignity and social change are connected”

Niels Linde Espersen founder Kindmore

Portfolio Companies


Based on a disruptive nanotechnology, Abionic is revolutionising the world of in vitro diagnostics with rapid universal point-of-care solution.

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MindMaze is the world’s leading Neurotechnology startup, built on more than a decade of pioneering research at the intersection of virtual reality and neuroscience.

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Theratrak is an Australian Startup that enables therapists to create home applications to monitor and track patient progress.

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Perseus Biomics

Perseus Biomics is a biotechnology company aiming to redefine the analysis of Microbiomes, the complex mixtures of microorganisms interaction with our daily lives. Through a novel analysis approach, we are able to effectively identify the composition and changes of these mixtures over time, uncovering their role in health and disease

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